Carousel Riders
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Special Events

Special Events

Journey to hope annual fundraiser 
In 2013, we lost Emily Forbes. She was beautiful, energetic and loved to have fun. 
To honor her memory, every year we host a trail ride. All proceeds are donated to "Journey to Hope" in the hope that it will help other youth who struggle with depression.

Barn Days
It is our belief that riding horses, while always a learning experience, still has to be fun. Therefore we often have "Barn Days". These will be held at Halloween, New Years or whenever the mood moves us.  These days focus on games that encourage safety, cooperation, laughter and silliness and sometimes we even include the horses!  

Halloween Howl
Join us for various games with horses! Maybe you will event go on a "Amazing race" or "Challenge course" adventure! 

Summer Camps

Learn to Ride
These camps are normally held in the summer or at Easter Break.  They are four day, morning only camps.  We will cover horse safety, leading, grooming, tacking up and basic riding skills.  As well, we introduce a little horse psychology and play lots of riding games.  These camps have limited enrolment in order to meet the needs of all who attend.  

Intermediate Camp
This camp is also a four day, morning only camp which expands on riding skills for those who are riding at the intermediate level.

Competitive Camp
This camp is geared towards riders who are or would like to compete in local shows. Riding skills as well as topics such as Braiding, Banding, Judges Expectations, Reading Patterns, and Jumping.  
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